Shea Body Butter


Yoto and Claire blog August 16, 2021

Our Ingredients

It’s simple: When it comes to results that you can see and feel, pure and natural ingredients in your health and beauty products are the key. Here’s what to know about the unique powers of four versatile, gentle and effective ingredients found in all-natural, certified organic Yoto and Claire products.

  • Coconut Oil

The popularity of coconut oil has soared in the health and beauty space in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Pure coconut oil — which contains vitamin E — is a multi-purpose emollient that nourishes, softens and smooths all types of hair, moisturizes skin, replenishes oils after you bathe or shampoo, and has a light, pleasant aroma that won’t clash with your signature scent. Yoto and Claire’s Moisturizing Hair Cream, Cocoa Body Butter, and Shea Body Butter all feature all-natural, certified organic coconut oil.

  • Shea Butter

Shea butter is a fat derived from the seeds of shea trees, which grow in East and West Africa. To make it, two oily kernels in its seeds are finely ground and boiled, and the shea butter rises to the top and solidifies. Two uses for this rich, natural emollient are moisturizing skin and hair. Yoto and Claire products formulated with this versatile ingredient are Healthy Hair Cream, Repair and Strengthen Hair Cream, Moisturizing Hair Cream and Shea Body Butter.

  • Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is another natural moisturizer. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it is commonly used to nourish and smooth hair and skin. It may prevent breakage of brittle hair; help detangle hair; minimize dandruff and dry, flaky skin, and protect skin and hair from environmental damage, including sunlight, pollution, chlorine and seawater. Yoto and Claire’s Repair and Strengthen Hair Cream is formulated with this versatile, effective oil.

  • Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin seed oil contains omega-3s, essential fatty acids, zinc, vitamin E, Vitamin K, and phytosterol — which is great for collagen production. Pumpkin seed oil is a great hair moisturizer that nourishes hair follicles and can promote hair thickness and volume. Yoto and Claire’s Healthy Hair Cream includes this pure seed oil.

Be healthy!

Yoto and Claire blog July 24, 2021

Healthy Hair Care for Children With Pure Yoto and Claire Products

Caring for your child’s hair can be a pitched battle of wills or a beautiful bonding time. Pure and natural Yoto and Claire products and a simple routine can make all the difference.

The Yoto & Claire hair product line – Healthy Hair Cream, Repair and Strengthen Hair Cream, and Moisturizing Hair Cream, all formulated with certified organic, all-natural ingredients – is an excellent foundation for easy, effective hair care for children.
“It’s all about healthy hair,” said Yoto & Clare’s Magda Guillame, “and moisture is essential.” Starting your child’s healthy hair care journey using these pure, moisture-rich products is simple. Here are the basics:

  • Choose a weekend day for weekly care, and let your child know the plan so you are on the same page. Begin by gently washing the hair with warm water and massaging the scalp with a gentle children’s shampoo.
  • Rinse it thoroughly, squeeze out excess water – toweling it can cause it to frizz – and apply all-natural Yoto and Claire hair cream to your child’s hair to lock in that all-important moisture. If you notice scalp dryness, apply some there as well.
  • For easy, fuss-free detangling, always use a wide-toothed comb. Divide the hair into sections if needed, and begin detangling at the ends of the hair. Slowly work your way up to your child’s scalp using gentle strokes. Patience is key, and will ensure you keep your child’s trust.
  • Finish by styling the hair in braids or twists for maintenance and convenience; a neat, fuss-free natural, or whatever look your child loves that week. Always let the hair dry naturally.
  • On weekdays, use water from a spray bottle to add moisture as needed when styling, then seal it in using a small amount of your favorite Yoto and Claire hair cream. You can switch up Yoto & Claire hair products with the seasons, or experiment to see which formula works best.
  • Customize this routine for your child’s unique hair.
    These simple steps and pure, chemical-free Yoto & Claire products will not only keep your child’s locks moisturized, manageable and beautiful, but also teach her how to achieve great results – and love her healthy hair.


Happy Hair Day

Yoto and Claire blog June 24, 2021

Simplify Your Skin Care for a Summer Like No Other

Summer’s finally here, and excitement is in the air as cities across the country reopen for business. We’re starting to socialize, enjoy our favorite summer activities, shop at leisure, and dine out again with much joy and relief. On the work side of things, people are heading back to offices, salons and gyms are back in business, and performance theaters are gearing up to reopen this fall.

All of this means our skin is once again on the show – and we definitely want it to glow. Yoto & Claire skincare products are the perfect way to ensure that yours does. Certified organic and natural, these are rich, nourishing products you can use to moisturize and enhance your summer skin with complete confidence.

Ever find yourself in a drugstore squinting hard at the endless list of completely unpronounceable ingredients and mysterious chemicals printed in teeny-tiny type on the back of a jar or tube of moisturizer you are contemplating trying?

Check out what you’ll find on the labels of handcrafted Yoto and Claire moisturizers:

Yoto & Claire Cocoa Body Butter: Cocoa butter, mango butter, coconut oil, almond oil, and Vitamin E.

Yoto & Claire Shea Body Butter: Shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, almond oil, and Vitamin E.

That’s it – no dyes, preservatives, or perfume. Ever.

“Shea body butter is good for your face, as is cocoa butter, which also helps fade spots,” Magda Guillaume of Yoto and Claire said. “You don’t need a raft of products – these are so versatile and pure, you can use them from head to toe.”

Simplify your skincare routine this summer with all-natural Yoto and Claire products. You will see and feel the difference and simply feel great in your skin.

Happy summer!

Yoto and Claire Blog June 7, 2021

Summer Foot Care With Yoto & Claire

Sandal weather is here at long last, and your tootsies will take the spotlight again. Yoto and Claire’s all-natural, certified organic products can help you put your best feet forward this summer.

Here are simple tips for keeping your feet healthy and beautiful so you feel confident stepping out in open summer shoes, sandals, slides, or flip-flops:

Beautiful feet begin with cleanliness. You can skip the salon and enjoy a simple, relaxing self-care session at home: Soak your feet in warm water with some Yoto and Claire soap, carefully and conservatively trim toenails straight across, use a pumice stone to buff away callouses, and wash and dry your feet completely with a soft towel.

Then apply your favorite Yoto & Claire moisturizer – Shea Body Butter or Cocoa Body Butter – and give yourself a relaxing foot massage to stimulate blood flow. Finally, wipe the moisturizer from your toenails and polish them with a pale, summery shade or a bright, bold color that reflects your personal style.

Here are some tips for beautiful feet this season:

  • Footwear is essential for protecting your feet from hazards. Don’t go barefoot.
  • Always use a high SPF sunscreen on them before you go outdoors.
  • If your footwear gets wet, switch to a dry pair to avoid the possibility of a fungal infection.
  • Stay hydrated in the summer heat – drink lots of water.

Your feet will take care of you if you take care of them. All-natural, certified organic Yoto and Claire products are perfect for pampering yours to ensure they are ready for their time in the sun.

Happy Summer!

Yoto and Claire Blog May 17, 2021

Small changes in your daily routine can make a big difference during these challenging times. Many people have seen their lives upended by the pandemic, leaving them feeling anxious, depressed, and uncertain. For some, healthy self-care routines that were ingrained have slowly fallen by the wayside. But there are simple ways you can turn things around this spring and bring more joy into your life.

Fallen into a funk? Turn off the noise, former First Lady Michelle Obama advised as she shared strategies for coping with depression on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" Tuesday, CNBC reported.

Obama, 57, shared that she takes breaks from reading things that fuel her anxiety and surrounds herself "with things that make me feel good: family, friends, walks [and] exercise." Her simple, sensible solution is a return to pre-pandemic behavior that can yield quick, dramatic results.

It’s also important to make and stick to a daily routine, experts advise; they provide predictability and foster feelings of calm, stability, and a sense of normalcy, MSN reports. And an important aspect of your routine, of course, is your beauty regimen.

Handcrafted all-natural, certified organic products by Yoto & Claire can help revitalize your spirits as well as your skin and hair. Make it a habit to nourish and moisturize your skin daily with the unique beauty line’s Cocoa Body Butter or Shea Body Butter. Bring shine and vitality back to your hair naturally with Essential Hair Cream, Repair and Strengthen Hair Cream, and Silky Moisturizing Hair Cream. Hands dry from constantly washing and sanitizing them; care for and moisturize them with Yoto & Claire’s pure and gentle hand soap and hand cream.

Committing to healthier habits – prioritizing sleep, a good diet, proper hydration and daily exercise as well as uplifting beauty routines with Yoto & Claire products – can put the spring back in your step and banish the blues as they enhance your natural beauty.
Here’s to a new and improved you and a beautiful spring and summer.

Small changes in your daily routine that can make a big difference include motivating yourself to move while you work from home, recalibrating your hydration in warmer months, and the improvements you can expect to see seeing in your skin and hair, as well as increasing your energy level. (week of 5/10)

MSN on routines:

Former First Lady Michelle Obama opened up about the strategies that help her cope with depression during an interview with CBS' "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" Tuesday.

MO: "Over the course of your adulthood, you develop your own tools," Obama, 57, said. "And for me, it’s turning off the noise that is upsetting." She said she takes breaks from "reading all the feeds that are fueling my anxiety."
"I surround myself with things that make me feel good: family, friends, walks [and] exercise," she told Colbert.

Particularly during the pandemic when everyone’s lives are disrupted, keeping a consistent schedule is also helpful, Obama said. "I woke up, I took a shower, I worked out, I got dressed every day," she said. "There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t do that because it’s just the doing that gets you out of the funk."