Yoto & Claire

About Yoto & Claire

We named the company in honor of our great-grandfather, Yoto, and our great-grandmother, Claire. They were farmers and herbalists with a strong connection to nature. They knew its power to heal, protect, and strengthen the body.

We fondly remember Claire’s daily ritual of singing and humming while tending her herb garden. As Claire walked, she would gather handfuls of leaves and barks to make the morning tea. She always said her garden was the doctor and pharmacy.

Yoto believed that his strength and energy came from the sun. He and the land were one; they were kindred spirits and spoke one language.

Yoto and Claire left us a powerful legacy. As dedicated stewards of that legacy, we stay true to their principles. This is why our handcrafted personal care products are made with certified organic and all-natural ingredients.


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